Easy Growin' Water Gardens

Easy Growin' Water Gardens is Michigan's premier aquatic
nursery. We grow over 100 different aquatic species with new
introductions yearly. Some of these are rare and unusual.
Although we grow a variety of different plants including hardy
bamboo, cactus, grasses, and ground cover. Easy Growin'
specializes in plants for water gardens, bogs, and rain gardens.
To help serve the needs of gardeners, Easy Growin' not only
provides plants and needed supplies for water gardening, but
also offers free information and advice. Easy Growin' will be glad
to host a club outing or tour of our facilities and will offer free
water gardening workshops/classes at our site.

Our nursery is located just north of Flint, approximately 1 hour
from Detroit. For further directions see the directions
page. Customer satisfaction coupled with our unique setting
and services makes the trip well worth the drive.

We also offer discounts and promotional plant packages
at over half off. These promotions can be picked
up at our site or shipped to your home. It makes an
excellent gift for a fellow gardener.

So call us today.
Easy Growin Water Gardens · 10295 Duffield Rd · Montrose, MI 48457 · Phone: (810) 639-4769· Officx: (810) 639-7425